Kerul M

Priti was a great help! Nothing seemed to be a problem to her and she is very accommodating as well! Priti arrived on time and was truly professional and put me at ease. The makeup lasted the entire day without me having to go near it once. Everyone said the makeup was beautiful and very natural which was exactly what I had wanted. I also learned a lot of new makeup techniques. Thank you Priti & I look forward to working with you again!

Preyal P

I LOVE Priti. She is warm and professional!! As a makeup artist, she invests time in understanding the type of look you want for a specific occasion and dress you will be wearing. She has a natural talent to know what would look flattering based on your skin tone and color. She has cosmetic techniques and processes and indeed will make you look gorgeous. She would not compromise on the quality of the products she uses and really cares for her clientele skin. She is reasonable compared to other artists I have known. I would highly recommend her and can’t wait for the next occasion to get my make up done.

Minal T

Priti came over with all of her makeup to give a presentation and tips on how to apply it. She was very informative and patient while going over the products. She provided good tips on which products are good out there and where they are easily available. She showed us different techniques while she was applying makeup on a person. She answered all of our questions very patiently and showed us different looks for e.g., daytime vs. evening. Most of all, the makeup was splendid after she was done applying on the person. I would recommend her for any and every events. We really enjoyed her coming over for a girls’ night out.

Paula T

What can I say about Priti’s make-up skills? She is so talented when it comes to make up. Anytime I need make-up tips I always to go her. The first time I learned to put eye shadow on, it was Priti who showed it to me. I never knew there was a specific way to put eye shadow on. She always has great suggestions about how to wear make-up. Make- up is what really makes you stand out, she says. She always uses the best make-up products that are good for your skin. We pretty much grew up together and I always told her that she’s got so much talent she should take it to the next level. She is definitely a professional. She is very good at what she does, mainly because she really really enjoys it. She loves to make people feel good about themselves, once she applies that make up on you, you’re a new person. I have recommend her to many of my friends and family members.

Jigna G

Priti is a wonderful makeup artist, who is understanding, kind and professional. She has conducted small group lessons for us and I have leaned a lot from it. During lessons I learned lots of great tips about how to choose a right make up and how to apply make up in proper manner. I learned skin care steps in detail. I look forward to read her tips on " Tip Tuesday ". The way she does make up is so natural but gorgeous. Priti has a real gift and she is a true artist! I greatly recommend her services!

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